Top 10 Wedge Haircut Ideas for Women with Short & Thin Hair

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In the 1970’s, the wedge haircut became popular. It was a retro-style, short, voluminous and layered bob dedicated to women with fine & straight hair.

Olympic Dorothy Hamill really made this look popular. Many women will find these haircuts refreshing even if short wedge hairstyles do not suit everyone.

However, you’ll find lots of gradual layers, stacking techniques, A-line or asymmetrical shapes, choppy cuts, blunt or wispy bangs, and tapered backs.

For women with fine and thin hair that needs a bulky twist or simply someone wanting to have a taste of the short hair lifestyle, this is the perfect cut! 

Moreover, wedges have a wide range of styles – you can go for soft and gentle layers for a feminine aura or for a funky vibe, a super short and spiky style would look perfect on you!

Even for wild curls, there is surely an approach for every face shape and hair type! Rock your look with the fabulous and very in-demand short wedge haircuts that we collected for you!

1.Stylish Chin Length Cut

Stylish Chin Length Wedge Cut

Instagram @Maybe-ITSMAY

This one hairstyle is a pixie cut with lots of layer and texture. What’s best about this particular hairstyle is how versatile it is. It can be easily changed from edgy and fun (like in the picture above) to a more sophisticated and sleek look simply by combing it behind the ears. 

This hairstyle requires maintenance. That’s why the style creator Maybellene Coyco suggests a trim at least every 6 to 8 months to keep it looking great. And added that this haircut suits everyone and is compatible with every face shape and works well with someone who has a medium to coarse hair density.  

2.Amazing Back View

Amazing Wedge Cut Back View


This particular look is a classic versatile bob shape with a modern flair of rich texture and color. It’s incredible how its depth created in the base formula, rich chocolate mocha created with Matrix Color sync and how it just melts into the raspberry ends!

When choosing this haircut, what you need to take into consideration first and foremost is maintenance! Color care is also a must! To extend the longevity of the hair, you shouldn’t shampoo more than 3x a week, you can use dry shampoo instead! 

3.Chic Disconnected Cut

Chic Disconnected Wedge Cut


This one is almost a cross between a textured bob and a pixie. Marina Fichera, owner of Marina Salon in Chicago said that she approaches most pixie haircuts in a similar way as this one above, cutting the sides and back before deciding where to go with the top section. 

She added that in this particular haircut, she took a horseshoe section and cut the back and sides pretty short, and left the remaining hair longer, cutting it into a bob shape. It’s a little edgy but still very soft, she said. 

Adding that this is probably her favorite haircut to do. Even if you’re keeping the final look of the hair more conservative, it allows for more creative liberties.

4.The Classic Wedge Haircut

The Classic Wedge haircut

Instagram @HAIRMENOW_

This short stacked bob short haircut is a very classic style with a small modern spin. There’s a great balance between texture and precision lines. 

What makes it more modern is just the addition of the right amount of texture, also the precision stacking in the back that makes it the time-honored classic stacked bob which never goes out of style. 

What’s most amazing about this haircut also is how it retains its shape and bounces naturally. Also the soft wispy lines frame that frame the face.  

5.Very Short Wedge Cut

Very Short wedge haircut

Instagram @MARYEITZ

This one is a razored stacked bob haircut. Its versatility makes one of the best short haircuts. However, you can wear it disheveled or sleek, and it still looks like you put a lot of effort in. 

As it brings the eyes up to focus on your lovely facial features, it is better suited for women with narrower or longer faces.

6. Cute with Blunt Bangs

short wedge haircut Blunt Bangs


For this one look, mix the bowl and bob cut, this adds up volume by texturizing the back of the head. Esteban Nault said that her color inspiration was possible, starting with the Redken bleach and then glazing with the Shades EQ gloss 09v/09t/09p/09b/ clear in equal. 

She then used fusio dose protein treatment by kerastase (concentre vita ciment/booster shine) after the gloss, and then dried with Uemura Shu – Straightforward blow dry oil and styled with Shu Uemura Uzu Cotton for volume, texture and shape.

7. Great for Curly Hair 

Great for Curly Hair


This amazing haircut is a curly wedge. To achieve this look, Antonia Ventimiglia applies thicker highlights than she would on straight hair because curls tend to naturally blend colors together. To her, the bold color and angled haircut enhance the wave by drawing the eyes to the individual tendrils. 

Also, cutting the hair shorter in the back and longer in the front creates major volume and movement through the back and keeps “safe” length around her face, and it draws her profile up for a more flattering silhouette. 

8. Beautiful for Over 50 

wedge hairstyles Beautiful for Over 50

Instagram @DESDEOSHAIR13

This one haircut is a cute stacked bob with lots of movements. For women over 50 who want the ease of shorter hair without going to a pixie cut, this haircut is a great short hairstyle for them.

Wedge hairstyles are fairly easy to maintain. To achieve this look, Desiree Schepen, a style creator used to one of her clients Aveda’s Pure Abundance Style Prep and Phomolient before drying her hair to create some volume and finished with Aveda Air Control hairspray.

That is to say, this particular haircut looks great on many different hair types whether it’s wavy or even with soft curls.  

9. Wedge Hairstyles Great for Over 60  

Great for Over 60


This one haircut is such a charming short cut for women over 60. It incorporates volume and elegance together. 

Moreover, with its low and easy upkeep, this short angled bob complements natural colors well.

10. Very Edgy 

Very Edgy


This hairstyle is called Layered waves. It can make a sweet 1920s cut super modern and stylish. For short-haired ladies that are looking for a way to spice up and add volume and movement to their look, this hairstyle is ideal for them!  

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