Best Golden Brown Hair with Ideas for 2020

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We honestly don’t know why brown hair color was considered to be boring. Here, we’re kind of obsessed with it. Not only is it the most common hair color out there, but it’s also super versatile and works well with pretty much every fashion trend. However, there has always been said that blondes have more fun, and while we tend not to believe in clichés, an idea came to mind: why not combine both colors? 

I mean, why not, they’re both great colors that work very well with one another. So we’ve taken the liberty of putting together these little list of samples of some great golden brown hair colors for your inspiration. 

1: Golden Brown Balayage

This balayage is so multidimensional with its brown roots, caramel highlights, and vanilla, almost platinum tips. It’s styled in a super trendy shoulder-length lob. Seeing as the roots are the hair’s original color, this hair color is incredibly easy to maintain, and the really light highlights around the face will frame it perfectly !

2: Long and Layered Browns

If your brown hair is more on the darker side, this might just be the perfect golden brown styles for you! It might be even greater if your hair is a little longer since it gives it more space to gradually turn from brown to golden, to blonde. It’s a great option if you want to go slightly blonde without drastically changing your look.

3: Warm Medium Tones

This sultry look veers more towards auburn brown but is still warm enough to be considered as golden brown. It works especially well with a fair, peaches and cream complexion, green eyes, and pretty much any warm complexion. You can superimpose it to your natural color, or you could even dye the roots for a seamless color transition.

4: Extended Golden Highlights

If your natural brown hair is more on the lighter side, this is a great look for you. Working the sandy blonde balayage into your already somewhat light locks will guarantee an effortless yet gorgeous look. It’s simple and works for pretty much everyone.

5: Golden Layered Tresses

Volume, movement, texture, and lots of dimension; If that’s what you’re looking for, then this hair color is for you! While it’s definitely a change from a plain brown, it’s still subtle in the way the golden locks are evenly distributed in the hair. This look works exceptionally well with a good blowout.

6: Cinnamon Mid-Length Cut

This super gorgeous brown color with super subtle golden highlights and auburn hues is just breathtaking ! It bears a strong resemblance to cinnamon bun in the best way possible. It’s particularly suited to you if your hair naturally veers toward a more auburn russet brown.

7: Soft, Simple Golden Brown

It’s often said the class often goes hand to hand with simplicity, and this, without a doubt applies to this hair color. What’s so special about this particular styles is the seamless marriage of brown and blond to give the perfect golden color. When styles in loose curls this color simply looks divine!

8: Dark, Warm and Wavy

If you simply wish to add an interesting to an already dark base color, this might be the look for you! Adding a touch of gold to a dark, almost black base generates a super sultry look that can completely transform you, especially if the golden highlights frame your face !

9: Copper Golden Brown

This Golden Copper brown is the absolute perfect call look. And whether your hair already veers toward auburn or if your simply in the mood for a little red, this look with speck of gold and reddish highlights scattered across it is bound to look great on you! 

10: Golden Brown Ombre

This look is a long way from the seamless blending of color that we mentioned in look n°7, however, the stark contrast between dark and light is completely breathtaking. This ombre-balayage combination is simply magnificent paired with soft curls and layers. And a huge plus is that it’s super easy to maintain! 

11: Honey Gold Brunette

We always recommend going to your hairstylist prepared. This means bringing along pictures. Getting the perfect honey golden brown hair should be a breeze if you bring along this picture to your new appointment. It’s a soft ombré:balayage that will absolutely look fantastic on you! 

12: Tiger-Inspired Golden Brunette

Channel you inner tiger with this wild hair color. It particularly suits those of you out there with darker natural hair. All you’ll need are copper and golden streaks placed strategically in your mane, and there you have it, straight out of the jungle, a tiger-inspired brown hair color. 

13: Light Golden Chestnut

If you’re looking for a super low maintenance, yet gorgeous looking hair color, we’ve got you! This light golden chestnut balayage, starts a couple of inches down from the root, which means that it’ll grow out beautifully and effortlessly. We strongly recommend this subdued ashy blond look to change things up with minimal effort!

14: Sandy Golden Brunette

If you have a more neutral skin tone, this really subtle sandy golden hair color might just be ideal! It’s so versatile and easy to style, but at the same time it’s so far from being boring. If you’re looking for a very small but noticeable change, this is your look!

15: Deep Brunette Dimensions

Sometimes, you can just let colors speak for themselves. this gorgeous deep brown color with golden hues and certainly hold its own. No need to add any highlights of balayage, this color is sufficient just on its own.

16: Bob with Golden Lowlights

This flirty little style is so great for shoulder length hair. It’s full of layers, and golden specks, so you’re guaranteed a lot of volume and movement . If you’re looking for a fun a hairstyle, this is ideal!

17: Big, Bouncy Brunette

Babylights are the new highlights. They’re subtle and yet gorgeous! This look goes from a medium brown to a medium almost ashy blonde throughout the length of the hair! It’s simple but beautiful.

18: Blonde Balayage Brunette

“Brunonde” is a perfect combination of blonde and brunette. Keep your dark roots and go heavy on the blond in the bottom and you’ve got yourself this gorgeous look.

19: Reddish-brown Bob

Golden doesn’t always mean sandy blonde, so if you choose to take the easiest way when coloring your hair, opt for this lob with hints of warm auburn. This look works well, especially in the fall.

20: Deep Golden Brown

These honey-colored and super fine highlights combine effortlessly medium and dark brown hair. It’s a perfect summer look, and it’s guaranteed to turn a few heads.


The examples given above are few compared to the endless options that you can opt for if you wanna go for a golden brown hair color. We hope that you’re convinced. 


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