20 Best Red Highlights Hair Ideas for 2020 – red highlights

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If you want to start your 2020 by experimenting with your hair, then red highlights are a great idea to go with. Not only does it make you look good, it makes you pop out and stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’re a natural redhead who wants to upgrade her hair and make it shinier with highlights, or you come from a completely different color who wants to add more dimension and add a different hair tone to her hair.

You can be sure there are tones that will suit everybody.

We have prepared this guide to show you 20 of the best red highlight hair ideas you can try in 2020.

  1. Copper Showstopper
Red highlights: Close-up side shot of a woman with a copper wavy bob

This copper hue is so dreamy it look really aesthetically pleasing. The darker red roots it features blend in with brighter flaming copper strands for a pop of brightness.

Credit: @belksalonorangepark

  1. Rose Brown
Red highlights: Side shot of a woman with long curly rose brown hair

If you’re a brunette and you’ve been envying how blondes always shined with rose gold hair, envy no more! There’s now an easy way for brunettes to get one of those rose-tinted hair colors that are so much fun.

By adding a rosy pink tint to brown hair with red highlights, this hue is already going to be next summer’s best and biggest hair trend, you can take our word on that.

Credit: @foilingbeautiful

  1. Two-tone Red Highlights
Red highlights: Back view of a woman with long straight two-tone red highlighted hair

The true red tones and dual copper in this look will very-well compliment one another adding a lot more dimension to your straight hair.

Credit: @laurenatsaltsalonpa

  1. Red and Peach Ombre
Red highlights: Side shot of a woman with red to peach ombre hair tied in a ponytail,

If you want to improve your already gorgeous winter-red hair and make it perfect for the summer, then you should give it a pretty peach ombre makeover that will completely transform how it looks.

This way you’ll be ready to show the world how amazing red hair with highlights can look on you, and on anyone if they do it right.

Credit: @luanna

  1. Ruby Sombre
Red highlight: Back shot of a woman with dark black to red hair tied in a loose half-up half-down hairstyle

This sombre hair technique will work a charm on red tresses. If you need proof then we have this ruby-inspired look for you that will completely dazzle you into submission and absolutely drop your jaw.

Credit: @salvador_rubio

  1. Auburn
Red highlights: Woman with long auburn red curly hair, swept over one shoulder, wearing a stripy long-sleeved top, standing in front of a tree

If you really can’t decide whether to stick with brunette hair or to go fully red, then this is the hair color for you. With auburn hair, you can have both if you want!

Auburn hair is rich and glossy, and its warm-tinted color with red highlights will exude the chic autumnal vibes in all 4 seasons. It is a complete makeover.

As you may have noticed, the color starts to look a lot more vibrant when light shines on it. So, you can be sure the tones will look different based on the lighting that you’re at. This all means that you’re getting more than 2 different hair colors, all for the price of one.

Credit: @livingwithpaz

  1. Ginger-Blonde Reverse Ombre
Red highlights: Selfie shot of a woman with ginger to platinum blonde ombre curled hair

If you would like to combine subtle ginger tones with bright blonde hair, then I don’t honestly think you would find a better option than this.

You should definitely keep this hair color idea on your notes, because chances are you’re going to want to come back to it when you go to your hairdresser the next time.

This ginger-blonde ombre is definitely going to take this year’s summer by storm.

Credit: @klaudiaagg

  1. Strawberry Peach Babylights
Red highlights: Side shot of a woman with blorange wavy bob hair

It’s totally okay to take a subtle move at changing your hair color, especially if you’re still new at this, and if the color you’re going for is red.

One thing though, if you think your blonde and red hair won’t blend easily, then there’s a way around that. Instead, you should consider trying out these shimmering strawberry peach babylight.

This coloring technique has gotten trendy and it didn’t do that for no reason. It is absolutely the best method to give your locks a radiant natural-looking glow.

Credit: @visualhaircolorist

  1. Candy Cane Red and Blonde Hair
Red highlights: Back shot of a woman with blonde and red highlighted curly shoulder length hair

If you’re desperate to get red/blonde highlights that have some sort of holiday vibes, then you must consider getting candy cane red highlights for your next vacation.

This trendy natural blonde hair will particularly melt into the darker red hue and make for a subtle, yet very stylish look.

Credit: @_megankerns

  1. Copper Balayage
Red highlights: Backshot of a woman with brown hair with red ombre highlights

After you take a glance above, you’ll no longer wonder what brown hair with red highlights really looks like.

What makes for an ultra-sexy, bold, and sophisticated look are the dark roots along with the spicy copper balayage of this brown-out style.

What’s even better is that the shade is perfect to be worn all year long.

Credit: @hairloungeno1

  1. Chocolate Wine Red Highlights
Red highlights: Backshot of a woman with dark brown hair with red peekaboo highlights, worn in loose curls

The burgundy red highlights will work really well with your darker mane, and it also adds a playful edge to your locks and makes your wavy hairstyle look on point every day of the week.

So, no need to worry about the deep-toned red look not matching your chocolate-brown locks.

Credit: @kristen.lumiere

  1. Sunrise Ombre
Red highlights: Side shot of a woman with dark brown to sunrise red ombre straight hair

With red highlights, you can make a pretty and stylish impact with your brown hair.

To do this, you should try working in a mixture of neon orange, yellow, and rich wine-red highlights. This will give you a unique shade that’s as beautiful as the sunrise, hence the name.

Credit: @notanothersalon

  1. Red Balayage Melt
Woman with long wavy red highlighted hair

You should definitely try getting yourself a red balayage done, but while keeping your roots natural so you can have an edgy, and stylish effect.

Credit: @colormebellasalon

  1. Cherry Highlights
Woman with shoulder length dark red hair with red highlights

A lot of hair colors are inspired from our environment, and this one is no different. This one is inspired from our favorite cherry cola red, and we’re loving its red highlighted hue.

Credit: @blowntoashes

  1. Multi-Tonal Red Highlights
Woman with long wavy red highlighted hair

Since it already takes forever to get highlights in whichever color, why not take the time to go for a mix of red shades placed throughout your hair.

This red, orange, and pink mix highlights will help you add another dimension to this already-wonderful babe hair.

Credit: @classicpgh_kristi

  1. Dramatic Dark Red Ombre
Black to Red Ombre Hair - Curly Long Hairstyle

If your coffee-brown hair needs an update, then this red ombre hair color an excellent idea that you should totally go for. 

The red ombre color will start higher than usual, but it will still allow dark hair to show through the glossy, deep waves. This whole thing will create a spot-on 3D color effect. What’s not to like about this?

Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/BDtVoI4slg8/

  1. Hi-Fashion Warm Cocoa Brown
Straight Long Hair Style with Black, Red Color

If you have an oval face, then this long hairstyle is going to suit you and make you look really popping, especially if your hair is already thick and straight.

The layered outline at the front that is heavily layered, as well as the center-parting echo the oval shape of the face in a really flattering way. As well as the heavily textured tips and the rich red ombre hair color will add more personality to this hair color.

Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/BB0yLLkva1L/

  1. Radiant Reverse Red Ombre Hairstyle
Stylish Shouder Length Hairstyle - Ombre Hair

Nothing looks better on a long blonde bob haircut than red roots, what’s more is that nothing would beat a straight haircut, too. It is just the perfect style for smoothly graduated hair color ideas.

The top section of this hairstyle is a rich light red-brown that moves seamlessly through copper to copper-blonde at the ends.

Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/BDu4_TTAg5t/

  1. Bright Burnt-Orange to Light Copper-Red Ombre
balayage ombre

If you’re one of those who are blessed with a perfect pale skin tone, then this dramatic hairstyle is designed specifically to accentuate it. The top is an intense shade of burnt-orange that will gradually transform into flaming orange tips.

With the long layers, the hair will have loose waves which will make for a lot of exciting texture and color dimension!

Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/7Avnh-QOaR/

  1. Warm Red-Brown Long Hair with Copper-Red Ombre And Defined Waves
Beauty Red Hair - Balayage Ombre

The long, wavy hairstyle that you’re seeing in front of you is actually more brown-red than it is true-red, which will give the hair color a more natural finish to it.

When it comes to the lighter copper-red ombre, it is really perfectly harmonized with the auburn shade that you can see above. What’s more is that its defined twisty waves will add a beautiful, trendy, and textured finish to the softly flowing V-shaped back.

Credit: https://hairstylesweekly.com


We hope you have enjoyed all these beautiful red highlights hairstyles that won’t take a lot of time to put on. They’ll make you stand out in no time.

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