18 Incredible Caramel Highlights Trend That You Should Try Once

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We all tend to grow weary of our current look and we crave a sudden change. It’s human nature! Well, if you’re going through that phase right now, don’t worry about it because we’ve got you covered. 

After our extensive research, we deduced that THE trend of the season is caramel highlights. This popularity stems not only look fantastic, but also suit pretty much everyone, no matter the natural hair color, eye color, or skin complexion. 

Another thing about these highlights is that they take you hairstyling game to a whole new level! Even a simple ponytail would look like a fancy hairstyle with these gorgeous colors. 

We’ve managed to compile a little collection of hairstyles that might come in handy if you ever choose to “caramelize” your hair anytime soon. 

1. Caramel Highlights with Blonde Hair

Caramel highlights look absolutely gorgeous on blonde hair, and you could top it all off by styling it in a braid to show off all the different layers and colors. 

2.Long, Dark and Curled Up Golds.

This subtle caramel ombré makes for such a natural effortless look that can still turn heads ! 

3. CaramelBrown

The 90’s are making a comeback and so are these chubby highlights. Predominantly blond, with streaks of brown shining through, these highlights look best when curled. 

4.Chocolaty Brunette

You’re a fan of your brown hair but you want to shush it up a little bit? This look is perfect for you. You can keep your natural color and add a little caramel balayage for some texture and dimension.

5.Raven Hair with Caramel Highlights

For those of you with naturally black hair, this is a great look! Add some caramel blonde highlights a couple of inches down from your roots and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous look.

6.Warm Caramel

If you can’t decide on only one shade of caramel, there’s nothing wrong with that; you can just go for all of them. Having more than one shade of highlights adds depth, dimension, and gives you a unique look.

7. Caramel Swirl

This is a really natural caramel highlight look for a dark base. When curled, it looks like a delicious caramel swirl!

8. Just One Shade Lighter

If you really don’t want to change your hair all the much, this is the look for you! Subtle highlights that are only a shade lighter than you natural color guarantee a change but not a drastic one! 

9.Three Shades of Blonde

You’ve heard of 50 Shades of Grey, now get ready for 3 shades of blonde. This look starts off with your natural color at the roots, caramel color in the middle, and a vanilla blonde at the ends. 

10. Shaggy Caramel

This look gives you a seriously envy-worthy beach look. With the almost sun kissed highlights and the shaggy styling, this look is effortlessly gorgeous. 

11. Cara-Waves

A great look to rock with caramel highlights, is waves. Whether they’re natural or styles, you can never go wrong with caramel waves

12.Short, Brown & Highlights

This short haircut with caramel highlights concentrated in the front is not only super chic, but it also beautifully frames the face ! 

13- Natural Looking Caramel Highlights

Much like the previous style, this one also frames the face beautifully, so it’s a great alternative if you prefer longer hair. 

14- Caramel Highlights on Long Dark Hair 

For those of you with long flowing locks, It only takes some caramel highlights, a curling iron, and voilà, you’ll look like a princess !

15. Caramel Ombre

Ombre and curls are like butter and toast. Curl your highlights to bring them out and achieve this gorgeous look! 

16. Dark caramel

For people out there with darker hair and darker complexions, don’t worry about anything, you can definitely rock these caramel highlight with your natural hair color. 

17.Light Brown

Zhuzh up your dark brown hair with light brown or blonde highlights for this caramel look! 

18- Chunky Highlights

This look is a blast from the past, but a great option if you want to rock a bob!


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