15 Best Chocolate Brown Hair Ideas for 2020

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Forget about diamonds, I say chocolate is a girl’s best friend. Creamy or crunchy, dark or light, chocolate is versatile and delicious. With the many shapes and forms it takes, we honestly can’t get enough of it! This of course, concerns the chocolate we eat, but what about our hair? 

Brown is one of the most naturally occurring hair colors out there, and given that it can’t help but look utterly luscious, we prefer to call it chocolate hair. 

Chocolate can be your natural hair color, but if you’re looking to dye your hair, we assure you that no matter your skin tone, eye color, or facial undertones, it’s bound to look fantastic on you! 

And you know, much like chocolate the food, chocolate hair is also quite versatile, so we’ve put together 15 fantastic looks for you to draw inspiration from! 

1- Smooth Chocolate

This slick and chic hair style is truly timeless. If your hair is on the longer side and you’d like to keep it that way, this is a great style to go with. If you have fine hair, the subtle well-blended highlights, will work its magic, and leave your hair looking so much fuller. 

2. Mocha With Highlights

If the previous color is a little too dark for you, you might like this little mocha number. The base color is already much lighter, but it doesn’t stop there. It’s also complimented with thin, subtle blonde highlights, that mix works incredibly well with cooler skin tones. Just make sure you get the highlights right: not chunky and not orange!

3. Molten Caramel

If you want to have to choose between dark and light, we have the solution for you. This hairstyle seamlessly combines between a rich chocolate color, and a beautiful blonde one. This is a particularly good look for those of you with brown or hazel eyes. But, word to the wise, make sure your hairdresser knows what they’re doing. There’s nothing worse than a bad ombré. 

4. Cherry Ripe

We were not lying when we said that chocolate hair is incredibly versatile; it really goes with everything. Case in point: this gorgeous chocolate cherry hairstyle. This style is ideal for anyone out there who just wants a change from their natural brown hair, and the way to do that is to go full on black forest! What’s also great about this look is that it works with all skin tones alike! 

5. Dimensional Brunette

If you’re looking for a change, a lob is pretty much foolproof! It’s fun, it’s chic, it’s sexy, and it’s everything you want it to be!  The length also allows many styling options so you don’t need to worry about that! 

6. Chocolate With Cinnamon

If you want a change but aren’t looking for anything too drastic, then look no further! This is a great ombre that fades from a deep chocolate to a warm cinnamon, giving you a classic, subtle, and romantic fall look! The different colors also play up your hair’s volume, so that’s another big plus! 

7. Smooth Dark Chocolate

If you’re looking for something timeless, rich, yet easy to maintain, then this is the look for you! It’ll also look particularly great if you have olive skin and/or brown eyes, but if not, you can rock it regardless! 

8. Rich Caramel Twists

Who doesn’t love a bit of caramel with some chocolate? The slight amber hue of burnt caramel with the chocolate base color makes this look absolutely irresistible! The melange of colors gives the hair volume and dimension which is also a huge plus! 

9. Cocoa Goodness

Natural, unsweetened, this hair color is less bitter and more sweet. Straightforward and simple, but also timeless and romantic, this deep color is gorgeous but easy to maintain, ideal for a busy bee!

10. Piecey Balayage

Blonde and brunette. If you want the best of both worlds but an ombre is just not your cup of tea, we suggest this lovely balayage. Incorporating chunks of a high color into your chocolate hair gives an illusion of movement, liveliness and dimension. This is also a great style for those of you with jewel-toned eyes.

11. Milk Chocolate Swirl

If you’re looking for something a little on the much lighter side, this might just be the look for you. With a light chocolate base that seamlessly fades to a light, almost platinum blonde; this look is both classy and unique. With hair like this, you’ll have an endless world of styling opportunities before you!

12. Dark Chocolate Waves

You can’t really go wrong with dark, rich col-folate waves, but if you want to give your hair a little more body, it’s a pretty good idea to go for some micro-highlights that bring forward your hair’s movement and make it look super shiny and healthy! 

13. Cool Milk Chocolate Highlights

Another great balayage idea is to go for a less chunky look. In this style, the highlights start a tiny bit lower than the roots unlike an ombré. They’re also not too far off from the original chocolate color which gives a really nice, well-blended, sublet look! 

14. Milk Chocolate Melt

Halfway between a balayage and ombré, this look is simply gorgeous. Mixing between a warm chocolate and an ashy blonde, it’s perfect for people with cooler tones. While it looks great just down, it looks even better in braids or an updo! 

15. Warm Chocolate Brown

This a great note to end on. Simple, warm, and chocolate. This hair is better styled in waves, but would look great sleek as well. For anyone with warm skin, it would be an ideal hairstyle and color, especially if you’re looking for something natural!

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