15 Beautiful Brown Hair Color Ideas

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For as long as we’ve had hair, we’ve always thought of ways to change it up. Dying it seems to be quite effective, so hair color trends always come and go: from the emblematic 90’s chunky highlights, to rainbow hair, to pale rose golds and grays. That being said, one hair color that will always stand the test of time is dark brown. It’s pretty much timeless! 

It is undoubtedly one of the most common hair colors out there, so it kind of makes sense.

All this being said, it’s high time we stopped thinking of brown hair as being boring or dull. So whether you’re already a brunette looking to zhuzh up your hair, or if you’re just going brown for the first time in your life, you should know that it’s pretty much the safest bet: it’s bound to look good on you! 

Brown isn’t just one color or shade, there are countless undertones to choose from. A rich, warm mahogany; a cool-toned coffee, a warm honey, or a gorgeous chestnut… the options are endless!

We’ve already established that no matter your skin-tone, you’re bound to rock brown hair, however, it’s important to choose the appropriate shade. In order to do so, we strongly recommend that you make an appointment at your favorite salon and consult a colorist. It’s probably a good idea to show up with some visual aids in order to give them an idea of what you like. And because we want you to achieve your perfect brown color, we took the liberty of compiling this handy little guide for you according to your skin color and undertones.

1- Fair Skin : Espresso

When a lot of people think of fair skin, they immediately think of blonde of light hair, however, depending on undertones eye color, super rich and dark hair can be quite beautiful. We see this with  Anne Hathaway. 

With her almost porcelain-like skin, her dark brown hair forms a gorgeous contrast that highlights her beautiful facial features. She also has these super subtle highlights that bring out some of the pink in hair skin. 

2-Fair Skin : Black Coffee

Lucy Hale has never really been one to shy away from changing her hair color. She rocked everything from ombré hair, to full on blonde, to pink. However you can see that this black coffee shade suits her perfectly! Even darker than the previous one, this almost black brown is ideal for anyone with fair skin. If you’re looking for that super romantic, classic, girl-next-door look, this might just be the color for you ! 

3-Fair Skin : Chestnut

Lily Collins is well known and widely envied for her gorgeous peaches and cream complexion. She compliments that skin tone with this gorgeous chestnut color and very subtle, barely-there auburn highlights. Not  only does it look great but it help liven up the face ! 

4- Light Skin : Dark Chocolate

Ruby Rose is truly a style icon, so it’s no surprise that she effortlessly rocks this glistening dark chocolate shade. It maybe helps that she hashes gorgeous teen eyes, but you can definitely rock this color regardless of yours. This really dark cocoa shade provides a stark contrast for those of you out there looking to highlight their light eyes and skin, so keep that in mind for you next hair appointment. 

5- Light Skin: Nut Brown

Emmy Rossum’s kind of always stuck to this particular color, and we can see why: it perfectly complements her skin-tone. This color can best be described as a deep yet almost golden brown. It’s warm, but not too warm so that it has a reddish hue. 

6- Light Skin: Fudge

As if Selena Gomez’s light honey complexion isn’t pretty enough, this color complements it perfectly!  This dark chocolatey shade is even more so improved by the really subtle hints of light brown framing the face.

7- Light Skin: Sparkling Auburn

While a slightly red hue is something we pointed out as slightly negative beforehand, here, it’s the main attraction of the color! Ashley Graham’s slightly peachy complexion works incredibly well this specific color since the soft cinnamon tinges complement her undertones.

8- Medium Skin: Mahogany

When you have medium or tan skin similar to that of Priyanka Chopra’s here, we suggest to you: Dimension and texture. 

The Mahogany base is gorgeous as it is, but by adding subtle, different shade highlights all around especially around the face, you’re framing it perfectly ! The highlights will look even better when a styles in a nonchalant messy manner.

9- Medium Skin: Charcoal

Meghan Markle is what we can call neutral, meaning that it has both warm and cool undertones. This gives her the great advantage of rocking both warm and cool tones in her hair as well. However, this charcoal color is especially great on her. The somewhat lighter chocolate-colored highlights add a whole new level of depth and dimension to the hairstyle.

10- Medium Skin: Cool Cedar

This gorgeous  hair color is Emily Ratajkowski’s trademark, and it looks pretty much perfect on her. Unlike the previous one, this one is monochromatic and is only one shade. No highlights.  And it still works, so if you wish to go for a low maintenance, no-fuss, dark color, this might just be the one for you !

11- Medium Skin: Deep Bronze

Lea Michelle’s complexion can best be described as honey golden. This particular skin color works very well with warm browns such as this deep bronze. If your complexion resembles that of this “Glee” star, this color will help highlight your glowing skin tone and eye color ! 

12- Dark Skin: Sugar Pecan

If your complexion in and around the same spectrum as Tiffany Haddish’s, you should maybe think about getting very similar subtle highlights in the front, because it provides texture and dimension and also makes the hair appear extremely lush and healthy.

13- Dark: Toasted Caramel

This toasted caramel color is simply gorgeous! With its warm golden and copper undertones, it works perfectly with her glowing chestnut complexion. If you have a similar skin tone to that of Issa Rae’s, this hair color will help make your skin look even more radiant.

14- Dark: Burnt Honey

The gold tones in this burnt honey color are sure to work perfectly with any darker skin-tone. Eve Marcille is a great example of just how fantastic that combination can be.  The one thing to avoid would maybe be reddish tones; opt for light brown ones instead. 

15- Dark: Onyx

We are kind of straying away while still staying in the vicinity of brown. This super straightforward Onyx shows us that one-dimensional means everything but boring ! If you’re free with your naturally brown hair, feel free to rock it natural, much like Kerry Washington, who pulls it off effortlessly.


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