14 best Magenta Hair to Show Your Hairstylist for 2020

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The magenta hair color is a pretty and unique shade of color that you can have your color in. it’s basically a combination of red, pink, and purple shades all blended together to make a dark, and very vivid pink hue that looks completely stunning on you.

The magenta hair color is known for easily attracting the eye and being an eye-catching fashion hair color. If you’re someone who’s daring and isn’t afraid of attention (and commitment), then this hair color is definitely the one for you.

The magenta isn’t just one color, but is a spectrum. It can range from dark, medium, to fair.

Depending on your skin color and preference, you may go with whichever hue that suits you. If you’re going to go with a jewel-toned hue is that the strands of your hair should be pre-lightened before coloring them. This is what leads to having a more vibrant result.

All of this means that before you color your hair in magenta, you need a few things in advance. First, go to a pro hair colorist, get yourself some color-safe and heat-protectant products, and you’ll also need a lot, and I mean a lot of patience. Finally, you’ll want some TLC for your hair.

What’s awesome about this hair color is that it can look amazing on not only straight hair, but also wavy, and even curly hair. It’s really unstoppable, and is on its way to be the best hair color for the season.

If you need more reassuring, this hair color has been recommended and sponsored by a lot of hair specialists, and they absolutely loved using it on themselves, as well as working with it with their clients.

Now without any further ado, let’s discover together the best magenta hair colors you can rock this season.

  1. Light Magenta Hair

Photo by: @hairbymariahlee

If you want to try on magenta and you’re having doubts about which exact hue to go with, then this one is a no brainer. The light magenta-burgundy magenta hue makes for a not so harsh color hue for first timers on their hair coloring journey.

  1. On Naturally Curly Hair
Naturally curly locks with magenta color

Photo by: @ebony.a.s

If you have curly hair, it means that you should provide extra care and protection for it. And coloring it might mean that you should add even more care to your hair routine.

But what people don’t tell you is that when you provide more care for your hair, as well as when you paint it with this wild, cool magenta hue, everything pays off and ends up giving you a really cool result that not only impresses your friends and family, but also happens to be a really wild head-turner.

  1. Ombre Magenta

Photo by: @gemsalonbyelizabeth

The magenta color hue on this hair is really splendid. Thanks to applying this color, there’s no way you’ll be able to notice any damaged ends because there won’t be any.

This is thanks to the color but not only to it. You need to make sure that whoever applies it to your hair knows what they’re doing.

  1. Medium Length Magenta Burgundy

Photo by: @skyes_creations101

This one is proof that the magenta plum, even this deep, works perfectly on mid-length hair as well as long, or short hair.

No matter what your hair length is, you should just go with it for it is absolutely guaranteed to look wonderful on you.

  1. Dark Magenta Balayage

Photo by: @_iamronnie

This wine magenta balayage, as you can see, did complete wonders on this woman’s long, beautiful hair, and made it look even more stunning.

Its wispy ends are what balanced the bold look and gave it a subtle feminine touch.

  1. Deep Red

Photo by: @look_within_studios_msubia1

If you want to go for a deep red magenta hue, then this is the one for you. Get yourself a great hairdresser who knows their ins and outs of coloring hair and you’ll look stunning in no time.

  1. Brown and Magenta Balayage

Photo by: @mitziramirezz

This brown and magenta balayage is a wonderful combo that looks very awesome on any type or length of hair. You can notice the magenta strands coming from the authentic brown roots and it looks awesome.

  1. Dark Purple and Magenta

Photo by: @staceyskp

This violet hue will sneak up on you with a gorgeous magenta hair color and it is a color to die for.

  1. Magenta with Dark Skin and Dark Roots

Photo by: @goldenhairfetish

Who said magenta hair color only works on white women? If you’re a bold woman who wants something out of the ordinary, then you should definitely try on this color with your dark skin color.

Not only will you look even more beautiful, but the color difference makes both the wonderful color of your skin, as well as your new hair color shine and look brilliant with each other.

  1. Pastel Magenta Hair

Photo by: @goldenrosehair

The blunt cut and wavy ends on this hair look just perfect with the pastel, fuchsia magenta hue.

  1. Bright Pink Magenta

Photo by: @melmattison

This wine magenta color is one to get intoxicated by. The purple and red magenta hues make this look more amazing by being carefully swept on wispy strands that draw in anyone who sees them.

  1. Magenta Highlights on Dark Hair

Photo by: @selvsmakeawish

These magenta highlights on dark hair are quite versatile. They will make you look sexy, peculiar, and overall interesting to whoever lays eyes on you.

  1. Magenta and Blue Balayage
Magenta and Blue Balayage

Photo by: @willow.grace.hair

If you want the magenta look and you want to spicy it up even more, then nothing will look better than a blue mixture balayage.

  1. Faded Magenta Pink
Short Faded Magenta

Photo by: @samanthabradshawhair

Magenta hues don’t always have to look fierce and deep. In fact, you can rock on one of the magenta hues that still look awesome, and feminine at the same time.

Nothing will beat this faded magenta pink in giving you a subtle, feminine, magenta look.


These magenta hair color hues are so diverse you have unlimited options to go with. We hope the list we have put together for you is beneficial for you and we hope you try at least one of the options we provided for you.


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