12 Beautiful Ways To Style Blonde Curly Hair In 2020

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Curly heads are lovely for many men around the globe, many girls go blonde, but the color and haircut can make it or break it.

In this article, you will find the best ten ways to spice things a little bit and improve your look with these looks we’re proposing.

Let’s start with long hair hairstyles first, TOP 5 hairstyles for blondes:

1/ Messy Voluminous High Pony:

The high pony is a traditional hairstyle. It’s the most desired look for the instant volume effect it gives, the higher, the better, to get a natural facelift.

2/ Braided Half-Back :

This hairstyle is recommended for women out there who face difficulties trying out distinct and twisted hairstyles.

High Bun With Smoothed Baby Hairs :

All you will have to do to achieve this bomb look is to put your long blonde hair into a bun in the top of your head, use an unused toothbrush to smooth down the baby hairs using a gel or hairspray on the edges.

3/ Double Clips for Long, Curly Hair:

By styling your hair in this manner, you will be rocking Charlie Quinn’s look, combining some colors to the appearance is additional for the natural blonde hair.

4/ Pretty pins for your hair:

You can have a complete makeover by simply placing remarkable accessories in your long beautiful blonde hair, make sure to take a good shower to get some pretty defined curls.

5/ Hair Twists in a ponytail :

Doesn’t only this haircut give a facelift, it draws attention to the details of the twisted locks of the hair in addition to the rest of the curly hair, a simple mixture that makes all the difference.

6/ Dreadlocks are the hottest :

This is Alicia Keys’ favorite hairstyle so far. It’s very satisfying to own lengthy blonde hair in dreadlocks, even if you’re hair isn’t that long to even start with. This hairstyle can save yourself from boredom, especially if you’re still waiting for your hair to grow. Try this one unique hairstyle, and you will thank us later.


7/ Curly Pixie :

This hairstyle is just sublime. If you’re still wondering, you wouldn’t have to waste hours doing your hair. You can easily wash your hair and go outside to have some fun. But make sure to get it well-conditioned to remain calm during the day.

8/ Short Bob :

This bob isn’t very common, now being that said, it makes it a unique haircut to go for young ladies. Get your hair ready for the trim ladies. Enjoy that tiny hair in this beautiful hairdo.

9/ Curly Hair With Bangs :

That’s a 70’s look over here. The bangs combine a sort of innocence to your facial expressions while keeping some mystery to your personality. You can change a lot by simply straightening up the bangs and playing around with the rest of your hair in different styles. This trend has been brought out to life after many years of disappearing. Get the most out of it by adding some natural makeup that matches the beauty of this look.

10/ Curly Lob Hairdo for short hair Heads.

The beauty of this trim is in the spectacular length of the front side of the hair, which makes it easier to be tied backward. Tori Kelly rocks this look in this picture. Make sure to add some balayage effect for extra compliments and WOWs coming from your people’s side.

11/ Jaw-length hairstyle :

We know many of you are looking for a change, this look is a killer for those who got tired of trying out all the trims but without a real deep sensation or feeling of change. It suits ladies of all ages, very bold and courageous. And since only a few ladies who are capable of doing as told, we highly recommend this hairstyle for you.

12/ Short Dread Style :

This cut has the same quality as a Bob cut, but underneath that, it has more attitude, to be honest. It’s manageable to care for and chic to have. You won’t have to worry about styling it since all the texture, volume, and body are already there.

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